Terms & Conditions

The monies collected through all of our events and this directory is used to help fund the more than 800 missionaries and projects our church supports.

I attest that by submitting this application for a listing in the Faith Business Directory, I have legal authority on behalf of the business to post the listing on the faithbusinessdirectory.com website.

I agree the information submitted is accurate and true, and I authorize Faith Assembly of God Church to verify the authenticity of these statements using any means available. I understand this listing may be approved, denied or revoked for any reason, at any time, at the Church’s sole discretion.

I agree with the following statements:

> I have fellowship with God through the salvation of Jesus Christ.

> I believe in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

> I am a regular service attendee of Faith Assembly of God Church.

> I believe in the Vision and Mission of Faith Assembly of God Church. To reach and disciple everyone in our sphere of influence with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. To help people connect with God and other believers, grow in their Faith, and find ways to Serve God and others.

> I agree to tithe of at least 10% of my income according to biblical principles.

> I agree to provide an excellent level of service to every customer of my business, pleasing to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

> I understand there are no refunds at any time for any reason.

I agree that Faith Assembly of God Church, its assigns, heirs, employees, and affiliates may use any listing information and media I submit for promotional purposes on any form of media.

I agree to hold Faith Assembly of God Church, its agents, employees, officers, directors, representatives, heirs, successors and assigns harmless, and shall look solely to the consumer in the event of any litigation from business procured from the directory, including but not limited to personal injury, damages or any other legal dispute.

Faith Assembly of God Church may at their sole discretion change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. I understand Faith Assembly of God Church is the final authority on who is accepted onto the Faith Business Directory website.